Dustin Yellin

Psychogeographies (Implications for a cinema of the present), 2015

Glass, resin, glue, paper, acrylic paint with steel encasements, six sculptures each 77″ x 32″ x 20″

Dustin Yellin is an artist and founder of Pioneer Works, Center for Art + Innovation in Brooklyn, NY. His output includes paintings, drawings, installation, performance, and sculpture comprised of clippings from magazines and books, paint and paper. Taken together, his work forms an archive of both gestures and images completely accumulative, yet never totalizing. Yellin archives material/images/gestures by including them in his malleable, shifting subjects, redefining what is “important” (what is thought to somehow define the subject) by including images of all kinds: sports stars, works of art, domestic objects, plants, animals. There is no privilege conferred on one image over another. Rather, they are set into place by an internal logic to each piece that dictates that all images are somehow related within his fragmentary, distended figures. Yellin has said he doesn’t make things; he makes accidents. He writes, “You work through certain ideas and experiments over a long period of time—years, or the whole life of your practice, for that matter – and you start to knit things together, so there might appear to be a group of works but they all sort of lend to and inform each other.”

Sarah Morris

Wallcovering, two sections each 90.75″ x 132.4375″

Sarah Morris is an American painter and filmmaker who lives in New York City, New York. She sees the two media as interconnected and describes dual processes as “two sides of the same coin”, creating her paintings and films simultaneously.

She is best known for her abstract paintings that feature bright color fields and graphic line work, often referencing elements of architecture and taking titles from bureaucratic institutions.

Morris creates films about cities such as Midtown, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Rio, and concentrate on urban scenes which capture the architecture, politics, and industry that define unique places and spaces.

For more information on Sarah Morris.

Marco Zamora

Viacom Mural, 2017

Permashield by Monochem

Marco Zamora received a BFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2004. His work is inspired by the working class, the chaos of city life, and personal discomfort.

He uses photographic reference for the landscape in his paintings and afterwards improvises figures. The desired result is ‘a beautiful and complex tension between humankind and the urban landscape,’ he says.

Zamora currently lives and works in Los Angeles California. His work has been exhibited across the west coast and in Barcelona, Miami, and Copenhagen.


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